Alignment Therapy brings the body in balance with the mind to eliminate pain. Throughout life, we form patterns to compensate for injuries and our bodies retain these patterns if they're not released. The way we sleep, sit, stand, and walk all affect these patterns and add to our pain. Every injury has a physical, emotional, and energetic component, so to treat the body holistically, I address all three aspects. These treatments include postural assessment, exercises, hands on release, and talking to bring your body back into optimal alignment. Once you feel the difference in your body, you're empowered to make decisions that'll keep you out of pain and enjoying life more fully!  Learn more about my alignment therapy services. 


Juliet is an expert bodyworker with finely-tuned intuition who took meticulous care of me. She is very smart and kind-hearted and has a strong healing touch. I highly recommend her.
— Justin S.