Juliet Maris is an Alignment Therapist & Yoga Instructor in New York City who believes that life is about balance. With a background in dance, massage, and personal training, she has a deep understanding of how the body works on many different levels. She uses a mind, body, spirit approach in pain relief to facilitate more healing in less time. This is possible because all facets of pain are being addressed.

To Juliet, healing is about understanding your patterns and making decisions that support your body. She empowers her clients to take their health in their own hands by sharing the tools they need to stay out of pain. When the body's in alignment, there’s only room for wellness. 



Juliet has a BA in Dance and was certified through AFAA as a Personal Trainer.  She studied at the Swedish Institute of Massage and is New York State licensed as a Massage Therapist and Nationally Board Certified for Massage and Bodywork through NCBTMB.  

Her continuing education studies in Exploration of the Thorax & Shoulder, Shiatsu, the Chakras & the Etheric Body, Intra-Oral Release Work, Thai Massage, The Sacred Sacrum, & the Cervical Spine have given her a more indepth understanding of the intricacies of the human body.  

Juliet spent an intensive year studying the Schatz Method to understand on a deeper level the relationship between alignment, trauma, and pain.  After a month long training in Bali, Juliet received her 200 hr YTT Certification through Yoga Alliance.  Basically this all means that she’s an absolute anatomy geek, and you’re in really great hands. 




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Just as you are a unique individual, so is your treatment. Each session will be different and tailored to address what's going on in your body and your specific goal.

There are three components to the treatment and healing process: you, the responsiveness of your body, and my assistance. It's important that all three aspects work together in order to achieve optimal wellness.

When the body's in alignment and moving optimally, there is no room for pain. I'll teach you what's best for your body and support you in making positive changes to improve your health.

The rate at which your body receives change depends on how long the patterns have been in your body and how receptive it is to change. 

The more diligent you are about implementing the changes we discuss, the more success you'll have in becoming pain free.

Let's take a journey together and explore how to fix your problem areas. The body is complex and I am always learning. If there’s a question I can't answer immediately, I'll research it and come back with more information so that we can both learn as part of the process.