"I was amazed at how easy the experience was. With Juliet, I felt like I was in good hands. She knows the body and is incredibly intuitive. As we worked things came up and moved without feeling overwhelming at all. It felt casual and profound all at the same time."

Juliet is unlike any body worker I’ve ever seen. She gives equal attention to current bad habits, prior injury, and underlying emotional tensions that could be contributing to physical ones. My acute back attacks have been few and far between since I worked with her to readjust and strengthen my pelvis. She’s a savior!”

-Phoebe L.

Amazing all around! So specific and personal. Loved every moment!
— Katie H.

Juliet is an extremely sensitive, thoughtful, and holistic bodywork and massage expert. I started getting massages for back pain initially, which were very helpful for short-term relief. Through that work, Juliet was able to recommend physical practices and introduce bodywork into our visits which have helped me to create a long-term plan for the health and well-being of my body. I could not recommend her more highly.
— Jesse M.

Working with Juliet has been incredible. I am an athlete, and I regularly look for the limits of my body’s abilities. Before I found Juliet, this meant a relatively high, and consistent, level of discomfort and pain. After working with Juliet, my daily levels of soreness and fatigue have shrunk drastically. This means that I not only live with significantly less pain, but that I am also able to push harder as an athlete. Juliet is passionate about healing and immensely knowledgeable. Her work is gentle, but challenging. Most importantly, her holistic approach to solving the body’s problems has given me a way to think about both my physical and non-physical being in ways that I never anticipated.
— A. R.

Juliet is amazing. She addresses all issues holistically, treating both the physical and mental, allowing you to release and really heal. She also does a wonderful job of keeping track of those who visit her, offering continuous support. She helped me find ways to deal with a variety of aches and pains - some new, some long term.
— Shannon D.

I feel happier and freer than I have in ages. Thank you.
— Carol S.

Juliet is very knowledgeable and thinks outside of the usual box when addressing your issues. She is so warm and compassionate and just a truly lovely person to be around.
— Nicole D.

Juliet is an incredibly gifted and intuitive bodyworker. She has been able to zone in on my problem areas and trace them back to their source, offering immediate relief after session, yet also giving exercises to do at home. Each time I have had a session with Juliet, I leave completely blown away by how different - and good - my body feels. Could not recommend her enough.
— Zephyr M.

Super professional yet still incredibly personable. Juliet is really knowledgeable when it comes to the workings of the body. She was really good at taking her time in assessing why I was so uneven on one side of my body. Her attention to detail is unmatched, hands down! I am now even and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!
— Tony G.

Juliet is an expert in her field. She is intuitive, caring, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable. After one session, I made several changes to my lifestyle, sleep habits, and posture that have made a significant impact on my overall wellness. I highly recommend her!
— Jenna D.

Juliet is lovely, very professional and highly effective. I left with visible improvements that have continued. I would highly recommend her. Excellent bodywork. I am much more aligned and feel much more comfortable. I am about to make another appointment!
— Julie H.

Juliet does excellent massage and bodywork. She’s attentive and intuitive, offers helpful life suggestions and take-home exercises, and her bodywork sessions are effective in helping to correct misalignment. She has a supportive and grounding energy, is kind (and tough, when she needs to be), and I’m thrilled to have found her.
— Erika P.

Juliet is professional, thoughtful, and attentive. She helped to alleviate my pain through hands-on bodywork techniques and assigned exercises to help me stretch and build strength in weak muscles. I always look forward to seeing her, though her treatments have helped reduce the number of visits I need.
— Celia C.

Juliet has so many tricks up her sleeve; every time I go I feel like she finds a new kink and knows exactly how to go about releasing it. Her massages leave you feeling relaxed and released. She’s also so attentive and considerate, taking into account all aspects of your alignment and movement to mitigate harmful patterns. I’ve experienced significant improvements in my body, from pain relief to healing of minor injuries, through her unique combination of bodywork and massage.
— Joshua T.

Juliet is a healer in every sense of the word. I am incredibly grateful that our worlds have collided. Juliet eased and relieved the extreme lower back pain I had off and on for about 4 years. I continue to send my dancers and friends her way. Each time I walk away from a session I, almost immediately, feel more aligned, centered and connected.
— Kristin S.

You are the best. I received an email from a friend I referred to you telling me how blown away she was by your work. Really you are one talented, wonderful woman. Your work has been critical to the changes I am making in my life. Thank you SO much.
— Whitney V.

Juliet is incredibly talented at helping people live pain-free. I’ve done massage, bodywork and yoga with Juliet. Her bodywork helped me to understand and manage misalignments in my hip and spine. She gave me daily exercises for continual management and readjusted my body to relieve pain immediately. Her massage was really attentive - she could feel where my tight spots were and really concentrated on relieving tension in those areas instead of just going through the massage routinely. Her yin yoga session was really thoughtful, informative and she helped me go deeper into the poses by giving wonderful adjustments. I highly recommend her for all 3 services!
— Jesal P.

Juliet is wonderful. She helps with both alignment of the body and the spirit. A great respite from busy big city life.
— Becky M.

Juliet is an expert bodyworker with finely-tuned intuition who took meticulous care of me. She is very smart and kind-hearted and has a strong healing touch. I highly recommend her.

-Justin S.

Juliet combines a deep knowledge of anatomy with the gift of being able to “listen and observe” with her hands. This combination enables her to solve a wide range of physical issues. I have referred many people to her with amazing success.
— Dagnall F.

Have recently begun body work with Juliet. Her touch and ability to tap into deep thoughts and the emotions attached to them so quickly is a marvel. Looking forward to exploring how to work on both the mind and body in this way. Although she looks demure, don’t let her yogi facade fool you. Her fingers are strong and so is her brain. She is able to dig deep with both.
— Gina F.

My bodywork experience with Juliet was beyond outstanding. After suffering a back injury, and receiving chiropractic services for 6 months, I was referred to Juliet for additional therapy. Juliet was punctual, professional and made me feel completely at ease as though I were more than just a client. She was extremely sincere about her concern for my pain and wasted no time getting to work on treating it. She was patient, and thorough, while also taking the time to talk me through the steps of the therapy. I immediately felt relief at the end of our session and also left with a feeling of confidence that I could maintain the healing process without needing a chiropractor. I highly recommend Juliet for integrated bodywork and I will absolutely be returning for periodic maintenance.
— Jamie S.

I’ve known Juliet for about 5 years now and she is an extremely talented bodyworker. She is learned, intuitive and professional. As a Pilates instructor myself I recommend her to all my clients!
— Stefanie G.

Foot surgery required that I wear a boot for 8 weeks, resulting in in my hip and pelvis becoming unaligned. It was quite painful. Using her bodywork techniques Juliet was able to get me back in alignment and alleviate my pain! She also provided me with exercises to continue to stretch and strengthen the muscles that had been impacted, thus allowing me to continue the therapy on my own.
— Kathe D.

I had my first session with Juliet today, and I am so excited to set another appointment soon. From the moment you walk through the door, her energy is so comforting, so warm, and so welcoming! I was put at ease immediately, and throughout the session her professionalism and true care for me was so evident! I was literally in good hands!

And the impact it had on me (physically and emotionally) was immediate, and I was more aware of taking care of my body throughout the day. She left me with great tips and exercises to continue the work, and a clearer understanding of what my body is doing.

I highly recommend Juliet and her practice to anyone! In the hectic movement of life, it is a great reminder to take time for yourself, and find that connection with self again.

Thank you Juliet!
— Kelley G.

Juliet is a miracle worker. I have gone to her with several different issues (back pain, hip injury) and leave each session feeling like a new person. I’ve found Juliet to be extremely knowledgeable, and committed to and passionate about her work. She’s also just great to be around!
— Caitlyn F.

Juliet was recommended to me through one of my closest teachers in my dance training. I had been struggling for a long time trying to maintain alignment and muscle injuries due to imbalances in my body, the main one being scoliosis. Even though I had been to acupuncture, physical therapy and a chiropractor, which all helped, I couldn’t seem to find a progressive, lasting solution to alleviating my pain and keeping myself in balance until I started working with Juliet. I never expected the results that have occurred in the short time we have been working together.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis around the age of 12 or 13 and was always told I would never be able to fully straighten my spine without surgery. After the 3rd session, Juliet told me she thought she would be able to release my scoliosis. I could not even comprehend what she meant by that, until around the 5th session, after light muscle-work to release my muscle’s holding patterns.

I stood up and she checked my spine and informed me that my scoliosis was gone. I was in disbelief, so she showed me with my own hand how my spine no longer twisted-it was actually in alignment, as was my pelvis ribs and shoulders! She excitedly informed me that this could become my normal state if I continued to work hard and use the tools she was giving me to heal. Juliet is truly interested and passionate about HEALING her patients and giving them the knowledge and awareness to work on themselves, so they are not solely dependent on her treatment. I will continue to work with Juliet to manage and maintain my alignment as I continue my dancing and would recommend her to anyone!!
— Jillian E.

Before working with Juliet I had never had any bodywork done and I had little knowledge of what bodywork entailed. Juliet took the time to talk to me prior to our session together, enabling her to take a more holistic approach to healing than I have experienced with any doctor. I felt that she really took the time to get to know me which not only influenced her treatment of my scoliosis, but she also involved me throughout the process. Her knowledge of the body, the relation between body/mind and energy healing is extensive. She will work with you to get to the root of whatever issue you are experiencing, empowering you throughout the process. She is also a pleasure to work with; she is calming and non judgmental and creates a safe space for growth and healing. I highly recommend her services.
— Sam A.

As a past gymnast and dancer I’ve had quite a few muscle imbalances and injuries over my years of training including my low back, knee, and wrist. I have seen quite a few chiropractors and physiotherapists before, but the bodywork Juliet did with me made such a difference in a short amount of time that I was blown away. Her work left me free of pain and in alignment. She also gave me the tools to maintain my pain-free state on my own. She is a warm and caring individual and understands the physical and energetic body. She took the time to get to know me which made me feel very comfortable in her presence. She is a talented and skilled practitioner, not only in bodywork and massage therapy, but also as a yoga instructor. In the times I’ve done yoga with her she has given the best posture assists and helped me find my physical and emotional centre. I highly recommend working with her.
— Glory D.

When I first went to see Juliet for my hip I wasn’t sure what to expect. Seemingly overnight I had developed a weird feeling of “uneveness” in my left hip that made walking uncomfortable and awkward. Within one session, Juliet was able to figure out the source of the problem, fix it and give me exercises to help me with the problem in both the short and long-term. I look forward to continuing work with her to help me achieve my optimum alignment and health.
— Jesal P.

I never had the chance to practice one on one with Juliet, but I did have the pleasure of studying and practicing yoga alongside of her. Her energy is so wonderful for a one on one yoga practice; she is calm, non-judgmental and totally understanding of what people are experiencing physically/emotionally. I’ve experienced her bodywork and witnessed her one on one yoga teaching and it looks incredible. Her extensive knowledge of the human body and energy allows her to get her clients incredibly deep into their practice with specified verbal cues and in-tune adjustments that I’m sad to say I did not have the pleasure of experiencing first hand. As someone with an avid practice and love of yoga, I would highly recommend a one on one practice with Juliet for anyone and everyone from beginners to the most seasoned of yogis. I will be taking a class at my first opportunity.
— Sam A.