S.W. Basics wrote about their first session with me!  Bodywork is a really broad title & each wellness professional has their own spin on how they work with the body to facilitate change.  I find that integrating everything I've learned through different approaches to healing gives my clients the best of what's out there.  Alignment Therapy is definitely a unique approach and gets to the root of the issue much faster than other ways I've tried.  The only catch is, you have to be ready for change and committed to your healing.  I find that my clients are empowered to make supportive decisions when it comes to their body because they feel the difference in the first session.  Check out their blog post for all the details!  

Phoebe Lapine, a chef and author wrote about our work with pelvic floor strengthening along with desk posture and is delightfully honest about her journey towards better health.  In 2015, she tackled an issue a month and shared her experiences with the good, the bad, and what worked for her.  I find it's helpful to listen to other people's road to wellness as it reminds us that we each have to work through trial and error to find what works for our own individual body.  Read about her experience here.