You're frustrated because you're an active person, but the pain you're in doesn't allow you to experience life the way YOU want.    

Or maybe you've just come to the realization that you'll always be in a certain amount of pain and you're really just looking to minimize the discomfort.  
Are you tired of the pain in your shoulders from spending so many hours in front of your computer?

Just think for a moment and imagine a life without pain.  What would it look like?  

You'd be able to play with your kids without worrying that you're back will go out...
You get back to running without your knees killing you & making you feel like an old person...
You stop getting those headaches that seem to rule you're life...
You get out of bed in the morning without any soreness in your low back...
You kiss that shoulder pain goodbye once and for all...
You finally feel stable and grounded in your life because you've gotten your body there first...
You can go out randomly and play basketball or soccer with your friends without the dread that you'll be recovering from your weekend warrior status for the ENTIRE week...


For the 1st time ever, I've compiled the work I do one-on-one with clients into 6 different Therapeutic Video Trainings!  

So many clients have asked me to refer their friends & relatives to someone who does what I do in another state and the reality is....
I don't know of any other wellness professional that works with the body in the same way that I do.  

I look at the body as a whole in order to eliminate pain.  When the body, mind, & spirit are in alignment, there's no room for pain.  

Did you know:

The way you hold your body (i.e. the positions you take most often) affect your pain?  

Did you also know:

That re-patterning the body to a more balanced place can eliminate 60% of your pain?

When the body gets injured, it'll find a way to brace the area so that nothing else bad happens.  In turn, other parts of the body take over the jobs of the injured parts to help out, forming a compensation pattern.  
If we don't re-pattern the body or bring it back to balance, the muscles that were only trying to help will send a signal of pain to the brain because they can't do the heavy lifting anymore.  They're maxed out because they've been working over-time & need a vacation!

The amazing thing about re-patterning the body is that you're body works for you instead of against you.  

I don't know about you, but less work (well less of the stuff I don't like to do) is always a YES in my book!

In working through this video training, you'll learn how to bring your body back into alignment and find your own personal balance.  

You'll also start to become more aware of the positions you hold that give your body discomfort so you can make more supportive decisions that you're body will thank you for!
Did you know: 

That emotions are held in the body too & these holding patterns can also give you pain?

Eastern Medicine & Western Medicine differ in approach, but I find it interesting that in the West, there's a disconnect between the physical self and the emotional self.  I've studied long and hard to understand where & how emotions are held in the body to help my clients get more out of our work. 
Think of peanut butter & jelly.  They're good apart, but when you put them together, you get that party of sweet & salty in your mouth!  That's kind of the same thing you get when you combine the emotional & energetic components of pain along with the physical.  Each one individually is fine on it's own, but together, is where the magic's at.  

The 6 video trainings are:


Healthy Core & Low Back: Enough with throwing your back out!  You're too young for that & you're tired of feeling disabled & weak.  This series will help you understand where things get out of alignment & what you can to do find stability in your body and move away from pain.  
Navigating Through Knee Injuries: I've had them too & they're just terrible!  This series will help you realign your body & find strength in a balanced way so that you move away from pain & get back to movin' & shakin.
From Walking to Running: Have you ever heard the phrase, "You have to walk before you run"?  Well it's true!  We'll work through what needs to be happening during gait (that's anatomical terminology for walking).  After we realign the body & add strength to keep it balanced, we'll go over all the things you need to know in order to run without pain.  
Heading to the Hips: Ever notice that you have hip pain and neck pain?  Or low back discomfort along with tension in your head?  This series goes through it all so that you can find the connections & move away from pain.  
Ground Your Feet to Open Your Shoulders: In order to fully open the heart in a supported way, we need to be grounded first.  Feeling kinda flighty and have your relationships all over the place?  Does your shoulder pain feel debilitating, kinda like you have rocks in your shoulders? Feel like you have so much responsibility weighing on your shoulders that you worry constantly?  We'll work our magic through your body so that you can get present, connect to what you want, & kiss that shoulder pain goodbye.  
Step Into Your Pelvic Floor: Does the word kegel ring a bell?  Did you know that both men & women have these muscles?  Plantar fascitis got you down?  Any sort of foot issue or pelvic issue will get a serious overhaul with this series & you'll feel a strength you never knew existed before!  

My experience has taught me that guides and tools are important to ensure the best results so I've put together some great ones for you!


So what's included in the Therapeutic Video Series?

  • Videos that will take you step-by-step through each better body balance exercise.
  • A custom worksheet, your Roadmap that clearly defines your goals, starting point, what's expected  of you throughout this process AND guides you through knowing which videos to do & when.
  • Unlimited email support for 2 months from purchase date, so that you get all your questions answered AND know I've got you're back!
  • Life-time access to this program!  That's right, you read that correctly.  I believe in balance and I know that even with the best plan, we forget certain things or don't stay as committed as we said we would.  That's why I want you to have this knowledge forever.  Your healing is important to me & I'm invested in YOUR wellness!
  • For those of you who commit within the first 48 hours (that's 9:00pm on 3/22), I'm offering you an EXTREMELY helpful BONUS.  I'm going to share my online notebook with the details of each exercise in your training.  This is one thing my clients thank me for over & over again, so you're welcome!

Your investment in the Therapeutic Video Series of your choice is $297.  Enrollment closes @9:00pm on Saturday, 3/26.  You're options are:


Healthy Core & Low Back
Navigating Through Knee Injuries
From Walking to Running
Heading to the Hips
Ground Your Feet to Open Your Shoulders
Step Into Your Pelvic Floor


Here's what some of my clients have said:

...There is an effortless cohesiveness to the way Juliet works.... I found it fascinating the way Juliet integrated emotional and spiritual therapy tactics.  -Julia S.
Juliet is amazing. She addresses all issues holistically, treating both the physical and mental, allowing you to release and really heal.... She helped me find ways to deal with a variety of aches and pains - some new, some long term.  -Shannon D.
...Before I found Juliet, this meant a relatively high, and consistent, level of discomfort and pain. After working with Juliet, my daily levels of soreness and fatigue have shrunk drastically. This means that I not only live with significantly less pain, but that I am also able to push harder as an athlete. Juliet is passionate about healing and immensely knowledgeable. Her work is gentle, but challenging. Most importantly, her holistic approach to solving the body's problems has given me a way to think about both my physical and non-physical being in ways that I never anticipated.  -A. R.
Foot surgery required that I wear a boot for 8 weeks, resulting in in my hip and pelvis becoming unaligned. It was quite painful. Using her bodywork techniques Juliet was able to get me back in alignment and alleviate my pain!  -Kathe S.
As a past gymnast and dancer I've had quite a few muscle imbalances and injuries over my years of training including my low back, knee, and wrist. I have seen quite a few chiropractors and physiotherapists before, but the bodywork Juliet did with me made such a difference in a short amount of time that I was blown away. Her work left me free of pain and in alignment. She also gave me the tools to maintain my pain-free state on my own... -Glory D.


What's it worth to you to move away from pain & feel good again? 

Do you want to keep seeing specialists that tell you the same thing as everyone you've already seen?
Whatever you've done in the past hasn't worked, otherwise you wouldn't be here in the first place.
You want to understand your body, know what's painful, & stop putting your body in those positions.
You're looking for the most efficient ways to support your body; working smarter, not harder.
You want to feel stronger and capable so that you can get back to experiencing life fully.
So what are you waiting for?


The types of clients I work with are driven individuals that will do whatever it takes to move away from pain.  

Wether they're:
recovering from an old high school football injury
athletes working to get back to peak performance
people with autoimmune disorders looking for tools to help with flareups
stressed-out individuals or those that are feeling stagnant in their life

With the Therapeutic Video Series of your choice, you can expect:

To learn about your body & supportive positions to bring you into alignment & balance.
Feedback from your body on what's not working that could be giving you discomfort.
Educational videos taking you step-by-step through exercises & bringing you back into alignment.  
A Roadmap (i.e. your workbook) that'll guide you through the videos.
Clarity on where your body & pain are in order to track your progress.
An outline of your program, your time commitment, & efforts needed to make some changes.
To feel empowered to take your healing into your own hands.  
Unlimited email support for 2 months from purchase date so that you know I've got you're back!  

And if you sign up within the 1st 48 hours of the trainings being live, you also get my personal online notebook with all the exercises in your training as an added BONUS!  From my experience, all the little details are important and having them written down for you all in one place is literally PRICELESS.  



In case you're wondering who I am, here's a little bit about me:

I'm an Integrated Bodyworker & Yoga Instructor in New York City who believes that life is about balance.  With a background in dance, massage, & personal training, I have a deep understanding of how the body works on many different levels.  I use a mind, body, spirit approach to pain relief to facilitate more healing in less time.  This is possible because all facets of pain are being addressed.
To me, healing is about understanding your patterns and making decisions that support your body.  I empower my clients to take their health in their own hands by sharing the tools they need to stay out of pain.  When the body's in alignment, there's only room for wellness.
I've experienced my fair share of knee surgeries, dislocations, broken toes, ankle sprains, hip pain, low back pain, TMJD, shoulder pain, neck pain.... you name it, I've probably experienced it!  I've also recently broken the habit of crossing my legs.  I used to crack almost every joint in my body and I've also worked to stop that too.  I know what it takes to change a pattern in the body, because I've done it so many times with myself.  If I hadn't, I'd have no business trying to help you.  



How will I access the videos?

Once you purchase your Therapeutic Video Series, you'll get an email with a link and a password to access the videos.

What's in the worksheet?  Do I need it?

Do you ever!  This worksheet is your Roadmap.  It'll take you through what's expected of you while working through your exercises.  The Roadmap also has some great questions so that you get a very clear picture of where you're starting from, what you want to accomplish with this series, and what your commitment is.  Depending on your personal misalignment, there are certain exercises that you will only do on one side or you'll omit completely, so you need the Roadmap otherwise you'll get lost!  This is one time you'll need to pull over to stop and ask for directions.

I have scoliosis, will these exercises help me or is it not a good idea?

I wish you lived in NYC!  I've had great success helping people move past their scoliosis.  I do need to be able to use my hands and work with the spine, so that's something I can't provide in this video series.  That said, you will definitely get great benefit from the Healthy Core & Low Back series.  It won't eliminate the lateral curvature in your spine, but it will lessen the discomfort and give you some length.   

Are these videos going to eat up my time?

Not at all.  Most are short (i.e. under 5 minutes).  The beginning ones are a little longer (i.e. 12 minutes max) because they're instructional so that you understand why we're working through the body in this specific way.  

How long will this whole video series take?

It depends on how you work through it.  This will take me working one-on-one with a client in my office anywhere from 6 to 12, 1 hour sessions.  I usually space them a week apart and try not to go past that because the body starts to shift back to it's old ways and we just have to go back to things we've already done.  The rate at which you work through the series depends on how long this has been in your body, the consistency of your exercises (should be done daily), & your connection to your body.  It took some time to get your body to where it is now, so you have to give it some time to get back to where it was.  It's kind of like a juice cleanse & changing the way you eat; you might shed some pounds in the week you do the cleanse, but you gain it back the next week.  This is a lifestyle change, and needs to be taken one day at a time, listening to your body every step of the way. 

Will I need any tools for this series?

Yes!  2, 4" yoga blocks.  If you choose Step Into Your Pelvic Floor or From Walking to Running, you'll also need 1, 3" yoga block.  Some poses use a towel or blanket, but I'm sure you have something you can use around the house.  

What if I don't know if I'm doing the exercise right?

You've got unlimited email access to me for 2 months from your purchase date, so you better use it!  I do my best to respond within 24 hours.